How to Knit a Scarf With Your Fingers

This is a very fun project and I encourage all of you to do it.

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you are gong to need three different colored yarn, scissors, and 5 fingers.

Step 2: Line Them Up

First what you want to do is line up the three strings so it looks like there is only one string.

Step 3: Lets Get Started

You are going to take your 3 pieces of yarn and lay them on your left hand then you are going to put it through your thumb so your thumb is holding it.

Step 4: Weaving the String Through Your Fingers

What you are going to do is take your string and put it through your middle finger and your pointer finger then put it through your middle finger and your ring finger and then put it behind your pinky.

Step 5: Same Thing Opposite Way

Then what you are going to do is the same thing but the opposite way so you are going to take the string and put it in front of your pinky and put it through your ring finger and your pinky then put it behind your ring finger and in front of your middle finger then behind your pointer finger then let your thumb hold it.

Step 6: Repeat

Your going to repeat the last two steps.

Step 7: The Hard Part

The 3 bottom string on all your fingers you are going to lift it over your top 3 strings and off your finger.

Step 8: Lengh

Keep doing that until you have the length you want.

Step 9: Complicated Part

Do it one more time then stop and what you are going to do is lift the bottom string over the top one on your pinky and do it with your ring finger too the take the one on your pinky and put it on your ring finger then take the bottom one on your ring finger and put it over your top string then take the one on your ring finger and put it on your middle finger take the bottom string and put it over the top and put the last string on your pointer finger.

Step 10: You Are Almost Done

Take the two strings off your finger and cut string you are not using offthen put it through the whole and tie a knot and cut the extra string off.

Step 11: Your Done

Your done now go enjoy your nice warm scarf.

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