How to Make Bug Magnets With Plastic Bottle Caps & Cotton Balls



About: Hi there! We're three sisters who enjoy crafting. In fact, we have so much fun being creative, we film craft tutorials on YouTube in hopes of inspiring other children. And because we're kids, we try to use e...

The idea for our bug craft was created while finishing our Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art. Grace wanted to paint a bottle cap. I looked at the bottle cap and the other supplies around the table when my eyes landed on the cotton balls. Because I just love the way paint looks on cotton balls, it reminded me of a little body...a bug body to exact.

Together, the kids and I collaborated on different methods of upcycling plastic bottle caps and cotton balls.... turning them into colorful, cute bug magnets! It was genius. The kids loved it and our creativity flowed. Starting out with ladybugs, then moving to bees, wasps & eventually a fly.



  • Plastic bottle caps (optional for the bee)
  • Cotton balls
  • Mod Podge (glue)
  • Magnets (We picked up about 35 for $2 at a local store)
  • Paint
  • Googely Eyes (optional, you could paint eyes on your bug)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaners or whatever else you have around the house for antennas


Step 1: Watch the Video!



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