How to Make Dirt Cake

Introduction: How to Make Dirt Cake

Everyone remembers being a child in elementary school, having the joy of making one of these delicious snacks!

As you get older, you try to think of fun activities to do with others, your own children, or even a significant other. This is a perfect dessert that not only tastes delicious, but is fun and easy to make!

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Step 1: Gather All Ingredients and Supplies


8 oz Whipped Topping

1 15-ounce package of Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

2 cups of Milk

1 3.9-ounce package of Chocolate Instant Pudding

24 Gummy Worms.


Measuring Cup

Rolling Pin

Large Ziploc bag

Mixing Bowl


Clear glass pan

Step 2: Crush Chocolate Sandwish Cookies

Put all the cookies into a large plastic bag.

Take a rolling pin and crush the cookies until they reach a crumbly consistency.

Do not worry about removing the creme from the middle, eventually it will mix in with the crumbles as you roll.

Step 3: Put Cookies Aside in a Bowl

At the end all the ingredients will be mixed in, but for now leave the cookies to the side until it is time to use them.

Step 4: Make Instant Pudding

Mix together 2 cups of milk with the Instant Pudding mix.

Step 5: Stir Pudding

For approximately 2 minutes (or until the mix is thick) whisk the milk and the pudding mix. This is what the finished product of the pudding should look like.

Step 6: Mixing Time!

Take half of the crushed Oreos, the full 8 oz of whipped topping, and the pudding and mix it all together.

Step 7: Begin Layers

Spoon a little bit of the mix created in step 5 into a glass or cup of your choice

(the mason jar is very cute so that is why I personally chose it.

Step 8: Put in Second Layer

Take a little bit of the second half of the cookie sandwich crumbles and sprinkle it over top of the pudding mix.

Step 9: Put in Third Layer

Add another layer of pudding mix to the jar of choice.

Step 10: Next Layer

This will be the final layer of cookies added to the jar.

Step 11: Final Layer and Gummy Worms

Add a last layer of the pudding mix.

Top the jar with the gummy worms bought to make it look as if they are coming up out of the dirt.

Step 12: ENJOY

You have finally finished your beautiful Dirt Cake creation!

Reward yourself by having a jar!

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    3 years ago

    This looks pretty darn tasty, regardless that it's called "dirt cake." Yum! :)