How to Make Onde-onde Cake


Introduction: How to Make Onde-onde Cake

hello guys now i will invite you to make delicious and cheap and delicious cakes of course 😊 lets go


1. Brown sugar
2. Rice Flour
3. Sticky rice flour
4. Grated coconut
5. Pandan Leaves
6. Water

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Step 1: How to Make Onde-onde Cake

prepare a container then mix rice flour and glutinous rice flour and add water then stir until smooth and can be formed into a mixture, Bring water to a boil along with pandan leaves

Step 2: How to Make Onde-onde Cake

Crush brown sugar until smooth, form the mixture add brown sugar and boil it in hot water then wait until the batter floats then removed and rubbed with shredded coconut and onde-onde cake ready to be served 😊

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