How to Make Vacuum Cleaner Using Plastic Bottle at Home




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Plastic bottle

deodorant bottle

first aid cloth

DC motor

and glue gun and a small bending pipe

Step 1: Cutting the Plastic Bottle and Deodrant Bottle

Take the empty plastic bottle and cut into half and next , Take a deo bottle and cut and you will get a flat sheet as shown in the figure . Lets move on to the next step

Step 2: Making the Fan

1.Sheet From the deo bottle is taken and place the previously cut portion of the bottle and sketch the round bottom opening with the marker and the cut the marked portion you will get a round metal portion

2.Then take a scale and draw 4 lines as shown in figure it gives a middle point and 8 wings portions to cut them later

3.Take a hammer and nail and at middle portion of round sheet place the nail and make a hole

4.Then basing on the lines drawn cut the wings of fan leaving some round area near the middle hole we will get the wings

5.Twist the wings means all the wings in the same direction as shown in figure.

6.Your fan is ready

Step 3: Attaching the Fan to Motor

1.Take the 12 v DC toy motor and to the rotating rod attach the ball point pen refill and press it to tighten.

2.Cut the excess portion of refill and then take the fan previously prepared and fix it to the refill placing the refill portion into the hole of the fan.

3.Apply hot glue for extra strength around the joint.

4.Fan is ready

Step 4: Placing the Fan in the Plastic Bottle Bottom Portion

1.In the bottom portion make a round portion with the marker that holds the motor at the centre

2.using the soldering rod or else any heated needle make holes on th entire bottom of the bottle that is usefull for letting suction air outside

3.then make a big hole on the trace to fix the motor after placing the hole apply hot glue and fix the motor in the hole placing fan side inside the bottle and connecting part of motor outside.

Step 5: Fixing Bottle and Attaching Using Plaster

Take the first aid cloth and place the top portion of plastic bottle and place it on the first aid cloth and trace round slightly more than bottle and using double sided tape fix it to the bottle and fix the two portions of the bottle using a tape.

Step 6: Making Suction Pipe

Take the bottle cap and make a hole and place a wire pipe that bends in any direction and fix it to the cap and on the other end fix the small plastic bottle as shown in the figure.and fix it to the bottle

Step 7: Final Steps

For decoration purpose i added red plaster and a handle using the card board sheet and connect the motor withwires and switch on vacuum cleaner.

Thank you

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    15 Discussions


    Question 13 hours ago on Step 7

    what specific watts and volts does my dc motor have to produce in order to make the vacuum work?


    Question 4 months ago on Introduction

    why do we need a deodorant bottle for making a vacuum cleaner


    9 months ago

    Good morning! We are asking for your permission to modify this work for school purposes only. We will cite this, anyway. Thank you for your kind consideration and more projects to come.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    What is the Independent Variables in making this Vacuum cleaner made in Plastic bottle?????

    sreeraj n r

    1 year ago

    I tried doing this and unfortunately some glue fell in the motor and blocked it's shaft please be careful.


    1 year ago

    I thought you said a dc motor was used to make this. So Where did the plug come from in one of the pics in "final steps"? Did you supply ac current? How? Pls tell.

    1 reply
    sreeraj n rChabuK

    Reply 1 year ago

    I think the led driver is acting as the ac to dc converter


    2 years ago

    what is the power source used in this project. please provide the specification if it is a battery.


    2 years ago

    good one


    2 years ago

    very nice