How to Make a Basic Tannoy System With Android

Sometimes you want to sent out your voice or play music perhaps you have a small shop and need a cheep tannoy system then this is for you

Step 1: You Will Need

A Bluetooth speaker
A Bluetooth enabled tablet
WI-FI Connection /mobile data
A Google account

Step 2: Connect Your Device

Open the settings menu and select your Bluetooth options
Shown for android

Select your speaker and connect to it

Step 3: Download the Microphone App

Open the Google play store and search for megaphone
Click the circled app in the first image and install
Launch the app and talk into the microphone
Now your tannoy system works
Move onto the next step to play music

Step 4: Install the Apps

If you have a licence to play music you can play this in a shop or if you use it for private purposes you don't need a licence
Install ether radio player or whichever app you wish for example spotify

Step 5: Run the App and Play Music

Run your app and play music just remember to pause the music when you want to make an anouncement



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