Strawberry Pallet Planter




Introduction: Strawberry Pallet Planter

For this project you will need the following materials:
- A suitable pallet as described in the next two steps
- A hand-saw or jigsaw
- Electric drill or hammer
- Two sizes of screws and nails - approx. lengths 4 cm (1-1/2") and 8cm (3")

- Heavy duty chisel/wedge and iron mallet
- Non-toxic paint and paintbrush

Step 1: Choosing Your Pallet

First of all, choosing pallets for diy projects involves a bit of know-how. You need pallets that are in good condition, without rot, and which have not been treated with chemical insecticides.

Step 2: Construction Begins

The premise of this project is to cut it into three pieces and reassemble them. You use spare parts cut off in the first step to build the sides and create the feet.

Step 3: More Details on This Project

The strawberry pallet planter will take you an afternoon to complete. Afterwards, paint it with non-toxic wood stain to extend it's life. Full project and planting up details are on Lovely Greens.

For more details on this project visit

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    I can't thank you enough for this guide! I just sourced a nearly endless supply of pallets and was trying to determine what I could use for which projects. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Looks awesome! Will try to make this in the upcoming weeks

    Fantastic ! Thank you. I now have my summer Project.

    thank you very much, i realy like this planter. this was exactly where i was looking for.

    Best how to pick a pallet tutorial I've seen. Nice work.

    I appreciate all the thought that has gone into a planter made out of what is basically scrap lumber. What I don't see is just how you isolate and plants all levels. I do see the straw in a photo and wire mesh in the bottom. I guess because of being new to this type of thing, it isn't all clear to me. A clarification please.

    1 reply

    A great idea. I will be looking forward to doing this soon. Hope tonight is our last freeze! Thank you for sharing.

    This article is excellent not only for gardner's that want to save space, but all of the info on pallets is truly helpful!


    sincerely thanks for the quality of your explanations.
    A good explanation on the safety pallet and last but not least a really precise explanation on how to cut it get it as a perfect box.

    Have a nice day and let us know if you still have other instructables of this quality ;-)

    Miguipda ;-)

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    SO cool!!
    And yes! Excellent info on the markings! That's a great thing to share. This is so nice. Well done!