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How to make a cool leather wallet case out of leather. Leather material gives it a more luxurious feel.

Step 1: Prepare the Template

Prepare the template that is larger than the actual size of the card. Cut out the leather with a leather cutter.Be careful not to cut your fingers!

Step 2: Needed to Complete Project

These are all the materials you will need to complete the project.

Step 3: Apply the Oil

Apply the oil to the back side of the leather. Make sure you apply a heavy coat of oil.

Step 4: Glue the Pocket

Glue the belt together using elastomeric adhesive which is used to glue leather.

Step 5: Draw the Seam Line for the Inside Pockets

Draw a line to show the sewing line.At this time, draw a line about 0.1 inch away the sewing line from the edge.

Step 6: Draw the Seam Line for the Wallet and Pierce It With a Hammer

At this time, draw a line on the wallet to make the sewing line.Pierce it with a hammer on the sewing line.

Step 7: Make a Wax Cord

Make a wax cord. This cord is hemp.

Step 8: Sew It

After the glue has dried, sew it with the wax cord.

Step 9: Glue the Inside Pockets

Glue the two inside pockets onto the inside of the leather.

Step 10: Pierce It With a Hammer

Pierce it with a hammer on the sewing line.

Step 11: Sew It

After the glue has dried, sew it with the wax cord.

Step 12: Paint With Stain

Paint with stain on the edge. This color is brown.

Step 13: Polish the Leather Edge

Apply oil to the leather edge and polish it with the stick of the wood.

Step 14: You Have Completed Your Project


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    18 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Excellent work; I would like to make this - it has a certain stylish charm. What oil did you use for the reverse of the leather and what glue do you use for this project?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for comment!! I used horse oil and rubber cement.


    4 years ago

    what is that little tool that looks like a fork called? I've always stitched leather the hard way.

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    They are the BEST - called chisel punches. They make them both for thread and lacing. :D


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    That's great I'll have to get one. It sucks pushing those weird bladed leather needles through unassisted.


    4 years ago

    What's that tool you used to punch the sewing holes?

    1 reply