How to Make a Powerful Flashlight With Just $2

Introduction: How to Make a Powerful Flashlight With Just $2

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Introduction: why do we need a flashlight? Well we need it everywhere, including dark streets, walking in the nights, searching for a lost ring or coin, looking through a dark window, searching for a big cockroach who has intimidated your children or even committing burglary! It was a joke… I thought buying a powerful flashlight is expensive and if it is Chinese made it would be prone to failure, so why not making a cheap and funny one, so I have started to do it and it is incredibly easy as follows:


1- An empty box of cream

2- A cylinder container of Vitamin C

3- A COB 5 W LED white color

4- A small switch

5- Two 9 V batteries

6- 2 pcs 9v Volt Clip on Type Battery Snap Connector Lead Wire Plastic Head

7- Two screws

8- A circle made of metal sheet with 0.6 mm thickness, the diameter of that should be equal to the internal diameter of cream container.

9- 10 cm of electrical duct

10- Good Glue

11- 10 cm wire


1- Soldering Iron

2- A drill

3- A cutter


1- Make a hole equal to the external diameter of Vitamin C container on the cream box and then insert the cylinder inside the hole and glue it.

2- Split the duct in two halves and glue it to the back of cream box.

3- Make the connection for a circuit in which two 9 V batteries are in series connection to make 18 V potential difference to activate the COB 5W LED

4- Make for holes on the metal circle two to hold the LED with two screws and two to insert the connecting wires.

5- Make a small rectangle on the Vitamin C container to install the switch, but the switch should already soldered to wires.

6- Put the batteries inside battery holders and screw the LED to the metal circle base circle and solder the wires to it

7- Close the cream box door and switch on the light and enjoy your powerful torch light.

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