How to Make a RJ11 Telephone Cable


Introduction: How to Make a RJ11 Telephone Cable

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In this video you will learn how to repair or make an RJ11 cable mod plug and telephone cable using tools and parts found on our website. This is useful for those times when you have to repair or replace a mod plug.

Step 1: Video

Learn how to repair or make a telephone cable with an RJ11 Cable Mod Plug, Cat3.

Products Featured:

RJ11 Telephone Mod Plug, Cat3 (Male End) Reference: 101747

Telephone Line Cord, Silver Satin (Different lengths available) Reference: 100302, 100078, 100181, 100260

RJ45 Computer Mod Plug, Cat5e (Male End) Reference: 100338

RJ45 Computer Mod Plug, Cat6 (Male End) Reference: 100339

Platinum Tools Professional Electrician's Scissors Reference: 100697

Tele-Titan Modular Crimp Tool by Platinum Tools 12507 Reference: 101783



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    Good tutorial. You should do a fiber polishing one.