How to Make a Rocket?

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Hi friends. Let's make a simple rocket project today. It's for entertainment. Don't take it seriously.

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Step 1: Step 1-5: Take PVC Pipe of Required Length


Make cuts at one end of the PVC pipe as shown in the video

Cut aluminium pieces as shown and connect them to the PVC pipe. They are used to make the rocket go straight. If the aluminium pieces are not straight your rocket will go as I showed in the video. (ha.ha.)

Then Make a conical shape from anything weightless and connect it art the top end of the PVC pipe. It is to reduce the air resistance.

Now buy an air shot from firecracker shop and take out the black powder pack carefully,

Place the Black powder pack carefully at the bottom side of the PVC pipe between the aluminium pieces.

Our Rocket is Ready. Test it with care.. Enjoy my friends.

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