How to Make an Oreo Ice Cake




Introduction: How to Make an Oreo Ice Cake

       It is during the hot mid summer. Many of you have been eating ice creams for the entire summer, and many are getting tired of the same flavor over and over. Then why don't you buy some oreos and make your own oreo ice cake? not only it could be any flavor, but also it served as a decent desert after a BBQ.
       Here I am going to show you how to make the cake and make your summer different!

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Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

Oreos(Double Stuffed)
Ice Cream(any flavor)
Food Processor
Turner or Spatula

Step 2: Disintegrate the Oreos

Use your turner to tip the oreo so that the two black shells are removed. Be gentle and slow, do not break neither the shells nor the white piece since they are both vulnerable.

Step 3: Keep Different Pieces in Different Plates

Repeating the process in Step 2 for about 15 oreos, and keep the shells and the white pieces in different plates. 

Step 4: Use Your Food Processor to Crumble the Black Pieces Into Powder

Step 5: Press the White Pieces Flat

Step 6: Final Step: Scoop Ice Cream Into the Plate and Scatter the Oreo Powder

      Scoop ice cream into the plate and scatter the oreo powder. You might as well place an oreo at the top of the cake, serving as a decoration. Up to this point, you are done, and you can start to enjoy your delicious oreo cake. 
       If not eaten immediately, the oreo cake should be placed in a refrigerator.
       Show off your skill to your friends!!

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