How to Make the BEST SOLAR OVEN




Step 1: What You Will Need

Here is a list of materials needed:

Two cardboard boxes, one bigger than the other but they should be the same height- this will make the main frame

Four big cardboard squares- these will serve as the reflectors

Tape- to keep it together

Tin foil- to reflect and magnify the light

Lots of black paper- to absorb the heat

Glass- to magnify the light and to keep the heat in

(Shredded) newspaper- to keep the heat in

Sunlight- to cook your food

Step 2: Prep the First Box

Take the smaller box and cut off the "flaps" around it. Then cover the inside completely in the black paper. That way all the sunlight will be absorbed. Tape the paper down, and set the box aside. You are using black paper instead of spray paint because the paint would not be that good to cook any food in.

Step 3: Finish the Frame

Now, with the second box, cut off the flaps on the outside. We will attach the reflectors later. Then, put the first box inside the second. Adjust it so that there is a proportional gap all the way around the first box. Then, in that gap, stuff all of the shredded newspapers. Stuff as much as will fit into there. Then more. Those newspapers will serve as the insulation for the oven. More will make it cook better.

Step 4: Make the Reflectors

With the cardboard squares that you have, cut them so that you can tape them on to where the flaps of the second box were. Then you can cover them with foil. Once you have done that, tape them on as flaps to the second box.

Step 5: Glass Time!

Now it is time to make the glass fit. You should cut the glass to the dimensions of the outside box. Set the glass aside. Then tape the edges of the glass in duct tape. That will make the glass safe to handle.

IMPORTANT: Remember, safety first! Get an adult to help with the cutting of the glass. Follow the instructions on the glass cutter package! Wear safety gloves and glasses at all times.

Step 6: Use Your Oven

You have finished making your solar oven! Now you can use it. To use, position it towards the sun. The flap closest to the sun will be folded down out of the way. Prop the three other flaps up on something. Adjust them so that the light concentrates directly on whatever you are making. Then, put the glass on top of the boxes. If you want, you can put in a thermometer to see how hot the oven can go. Enjoy your new solar oven!

Step 7: How Does It Work?



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    I made sure not to paint it because the paint would contaminate the food. However, inside the box you want it to be black to absorb the heat. If it was white or silver it would bounce out and not cook as well.


    2 years ago

    -Muito boa a ideia, irei fazer hoje!