How to Origami a Talking Crow



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This model can also pick up things in its beak.

For fun, try your hand at picking up beans or other small objects from a plate.

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Step 1: ​White Side Up

White side up, fold in half diagonally.

Fold right point to the left point and unfold.

Step 2: Fold Sides Down

Fold sides down to meet at center crease.

Step 3: Fold Bottom Points Out

Fold bottom points out.

Step 4: ​Pull Inner Layer Out

Pull inner layer out.

Pull points out to fullest extent.

Step 5: Fold Top Point Down

Fold top point down to touch bottom center line.

Step 6: Fold Upper and Lower

Fold upper and lower folded edges to the right to meet at center line.

Step 7: Fold Upper and Lower

Fold upper and lower folded edges to the left to meet at center line.

Step 8: Mountain Fold Back

Mountain fold back the right side on center crease.

Swivel fold upper and lower points to the right to form crow’s beak.

Step 9: Draw in Eyes

Draw in eyes and nostrils.

Step 10: Model Complete!!

Model complete!!

Holding each wing, bring them together and apart.

The mouth of the crow will open and close like it’s talking.

Step 11: Please Subscribe to My Channel!!

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