How to Prepare a Bare Metal Surface for Automotive Painting



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This video will show you step by step instructions on how to correctly prepare a bare metal surface for automotive painting.

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- Surface cleaner - Metal conditioner - Paper towels - Etching primer or DTM primer - Hardener - Spraygun

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Step 1:

1. Wash the auto body part with surface cleaner.

Step 2:

2. Apply some metal conditioner evenly on the surface.

Step 3:

3. Spray the surface with DTM primer.

Step 4:

4. Spray a second coat of primer.

Step 5:

5. Roughly sand the surface using P320 sandpaper.

Step 6:

6. Finish by hand.

Step 7:

7. If needed, apply some finishing glaze putty to fill small holes.

Step 8:

8. Sand once again using P500 sandpaper.

Step 9:

9. Make sure your finishing putty spots are on point.

Step 10:

10. Use a blow gun to get rid of the dust.

Step 11:

11. If needed, reinstall the part on the vehicle before painting.

Step 12:

12. That's it! Ready to paint!

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