How to Replace Renault Symbol Central Console Bulbs




To change the bulbs on the center console you needed following tools:

- A metal wire about 30 centimeters (welding electrode)

- pliers

- torx key

- Two replacement 1.2W bulbs

1. I made two wire clamps for removing the CD player.

2. After removing the CD player Loosen the two fixing screws climate panel using Torx key.

3. Remove the two pieces of plastic near the air conditioning panel. 4. Climate control panel is removed as shown in the movie.

5. The bulbs are under two black slots. Loosen them by twisting, you can use a pointy pliers for better grip.

6. To reassemble it go through all the steps in reverse order.

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    3 years ago

    Nice tutorial, i especially like the clips that you make to remove the radio. You should mention although that removing the wires from the radio may need re entering the code.

    1 reply