How to Set Up 2 Monitors With Laptop Using Windows 7.

Hi, My name is Jake. I am known on YouTube as "Brushwood Boy." In this Instructable I will show you How to set up 2 monitors with a Laptop using Windows 7.

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Step 1: Learning About a VGA Cable.

In this step we will Learn about a VGA cable. VGA stands for Video Graphics Adapter (some call it Video Graphic Array.) This cable transfers the video feed from your laptop to your screen or monitor. These cables can be found just about anywhere such as Amazon for about 3 to $10.

Step 2: Hooking Up the VGA Cable.

In this step you will hook up your laptop to your monitor using the VGA cable. First you will need to find the VGA port on your laptop. It will look similar to the port on picture 4. Then plug your VGA cable into the port. If you do this correctly it will look like picture 1. Then plug the other end of your cable into your monitor or TV. If you do this correctly it will look like the middle of the picture. Now make sure your monitor and laptop is on. Now press Source or input until you see the same thing on both screens.

Step 3: Setting Up the Settings.

You may have your VGA cable hooked up but you are not done yet. You want to be able to do different things on each screen, right? Well I'm about to show you how to do that and this step.

First start by going to your home screen. Then right click on it. You should see something similar to Picture 1. Find screen resolution and click on it. Now you should see something like picture 2. Click on multiple displays. Then scroll down until you see something that says extend these displays. Click on it, and then click apply as you see in picture 3. Now you should see something that looks like picture 4. Click on keep changes. This will save your settings. Your screen should go black and then come back on. If you did it right you will see different things on each screen. To move a window to the other screen click on the top of the window then drag it over to the other screen.

Step 4: All Done.

Congratulations, you are all done!!!!!!!! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube!

Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube.

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    3 years ago

    Hi Jake, do you know how to set up multiple screens, mice and keyboards from one PCU? ( all to run from the same website, but at different times ).

    1 reply

    This is really handy. When you are away from your desk, you can have a small portable screen but when you are at your desk you can have a nice big monitor for lots of detail.

    1 reply