How to Draw a Deleaved Tree




This tutorial will help you draw beautiful deleaved trees in a few minutes.
You will need:
Any size of paper
A pen or pencil

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Step 1: Starting

Begin drawing the tree from its base. The base is wider on the bottom than the top, then split it into two branches
like seen on the pictures. Splitting is the key part.
Try to experiment and make the branches crooked,but whenever the tree turns,the turn has to be rounded.

Step 2: Continuation

Contiue by splitting every branch into two. Eventually round off the open end of the branch.

Step 3: Filling the Tree

You have two options:fill it with a pattern like stripes or shapes or you can either colour it. I prefer colouring it.
But i will show both methods.

Step 4: Optional:Background

Add a line that marks your border of vision. Then draw a forest on it. After that go show off your artistic skills!

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    I learned it in Art class on Monday