How to Easily Create Realistic Looking 3-D Shapes




In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create realistic looking 3-D shapes, and it's easier than you thought!

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Step 1: The Outline

Step 1) Draw the out line of your shape. Make shure it's 3-Dimensional and that you draw it very lightly. This will allow for easy erasing later on in the last steps.

Step 2: Your Light Source

Step 2) Figure out which direction you want your light source to be coming from. This is an important part as it is what will bring your shape to life.

Step 3: The Shading

Step 3) Begin to gently shade in your shape starting from dark to light or depending on where your light source is coming from.

Step 4: The Shadows

Step 4) Start adding shadows. This will also depend on where your light source is coming from.

Step 5: Erasing Your Outline

Step 5) This is finally where your eraser comes in handy! Begin erasing your outlines so that your shading starts to blend in with your back ground. Make shure your erasing is clean and cut!

And now, you are done!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It would help to learn about perspective drawing (basic two point) to determine the correct shadow and how the shading would occur from your light source.