How to Edit a Photo for Free

Introduction: How to Edit a Photo for Free

So i don't know about you but i like to edit the photos i take. Here is a free way to edit photos first thing you do is go to it is 100% free. Hit the start editing button and start editing.

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Step 1:

Then up in the right hand corner is a sing in and register button so sing in or register. Then hit the red upload photo button.

Step 2:

Then it takes you to the basic edits and you can chose to do what you want there with the auto fix, crop, rotate, exposure, colors, sharpen and the re-size.

Step 3:

You can go thorough the other taps I usually just skip to the effects tab. Then Scroll down to the color section and go to vibrance, to add color to the photo. (You can do anything you want these are just the steps i use.)

Step 4:

Next I go to the touch up tab. Most of the time I use the wrinkle remover to get rid of bags under the eyes. You can chose the brush size for smaller or larger if you need to. I some times use the fade adjuster  to make it look less fake.

Step 5:

Then add a little mascara to the eyelashes. You can change the eye color here too if you like.

Step 6:

After you are done with the touch ups I like to go to the frames and look at the before and after pic. If you want to save the before and after pic all you have to do is hit apply, go to the big tabs and click  save and share. Then you save and afterward it will say your photo was saved to your computer. Now you can chose to continue editing or close if you are done if you want to remove the frame as soon as you hit continue editing hit the undo button in the right hand side of the screen.

Step 7:

Here is the finished photo. 

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    7 years ago

    GIMP is better.