How to Fix an Uneven Keyboard, and the Hole in Your Heart!




Introduction: How to Fix an Uneven Keyboard, and the Hole in Your Heart!

Have you ever had a day where the unthinkable has happened? a moment where all forces of the universe conspire against you? Today, this moment happened to me...and my heart barley survived...

Of course, what I refer to is a keyboard with a missing foot. Many keyboards have nice, flimsy feet that like to venture out into the world on their own, leaving us helpless without them. These feet are disrespectful little buggers who have do not deserve them home you gave to them in the first place!

This quick guide will show you a quick recovery to a life with a new (keyboard) foot. A new computer keyboard foot that you wont have to become emotionally attached to...a foot that you will not be ashamed to let your friends meet. A new foot that you can just have for one passionate night of typing and then get rid of in the morning!

what you will need:
a band saw
some wood
and to have reached a point emotionally where you are able to just move on!

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Step 1: Size Matters!

Maybe the old keyboard foot was too small...maybe it was too big, maybe it was just right...Whichever way it was, lift the back of your keyboard to an appropriate height, and then Measure this distance. Next, measure the distance that your new piece will have on the bottom edge. This created for me a triangle with a height of 1" and a length of 4"

Step 2: You Dont Have to Change, He Does!

Next, draw your measurements onto some wood. Then, cut along your drawing with the band saw. i do not personally own a band saw, so i used the band saw at TechShop San Jose. Once your cuts are finished, feel free to sand the piece to make them smooth (or not if you like it rough).

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Toy ;)

You need to just install your new pieces and your done. This is simply sliding the pieces under your keyboard.

Do you feel satisfied yet?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Buy yourself an IBM Model M, and never replace your keyboard again.


    i use double sided tape and the cover plates for the pci slot on pc cases when i break a leg