How to Keep Your Bike Seat From Getting Stolen.





Introduction: How to Keep Your Bike Seat From Getting Stolen.

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Use an old chain and a trashed innertube to keep your seat by getting stolen. Most bike related theft is prevented if the act will take the theif longer than a few seconds. Even if they do have a bolt cutter on them, they're less likely to take your seat if they have to pull the bolt cutter out of their bag.

We learned this trick fromStreet Level Cycles at Aquatic Park in Berkeley. Support your local community bike program!

Step 1: Take an Old Chain and Measure a Loop.

Remember to set the seatpost at the high end of the range where you like it.

Step 2: Break the Chain at the Length of the Loop You Measured.

Step 3: Cut a Length of Trashed Innertube to the Chain You Cut.

Step 4: Drop the Chain Into the Innertube All the Way.

Step 5: Rejoin the Chain.



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    13 Discussions

    If the problem is caused because you have a quick release seat, why don't you just take the seat with you?

    2 replies

    And grease on your clothes, or in your bag or where ever you stow it.

    It's cumbersome, and sometimes you just don't have the room to carry it with you. Plus, there's a chance you'll forget it...

    I did exactly the same BUT with a plastic rope inside the tube!!
    1) do a loop with a palstic rope (like 1m long)
    2) attatch by a nail inside the top of the bike-seat-tube
    3) evaluate if the length is ok but doing the same temporaty inside the bottom of the bike-tube
    4) change the lenth if necessary
    5) put the mail, cut it 3 mm away from the outside of the tube, hit it with a hammer
    (no sound of metal, invisible, you can move and turn the seat, but not extract it while the rope is here, then you need a hammer or a saw, because the rope is ptotected by the tubes) !

    That's a genius idea. Here I've been using vinyl-coated stainless steel cables with crimps all this time!

    1 reply

    Couldn't you just break the chain with that same tool again?

    I like this alot, but does the chain swaying behind you while riding drive you nuts? I think it might me...

    2 replies

    Wonderful idea, but when i leave me bike in a bad place, i just take the seat off and then i lock it along my front wheel and frame:]

    cant you just run your chain through the saddle when locking up your bike?

    Great idea but how about this:

    Replace the quick release on the seat with a tamper resistant bolt that way the only thing you need to change the height of the seat would be the tamper resistant wrench which is usually quite small and easily pocketed.


    Either way, your's is a nice solution but I wouldn't like the added weight and the annoyance of the chain bouncing around.