How to Make a David Miscavige (or Any One) Paper Mask

Introduction: How to Make a David Miscavige (or Any One) Paper Mask

This is actually pretty simple, but having had been asked just the other day on how to make a mask that is more than just a flat sheet of paper, I though, why not.

Besides, what better way to irritate Co$?

Step 1: Grab Your Image

Get the image you are to be using, any image will work. But since we are going with David Miscavige, a ready to use image is below.

Step 2: Print

Print your image onto CardStock, not regular printer paper. Regular printer paper is much to flimsy for this.

Step 3: Jazz It Up!

Embellish, if you so choose. Be creative. Be lulzy. Feel free to steal my idea, DM in makeup is always funny. If possible, make a real statement about something that makes DM horrible.

Now would also be a good time to cut eyeholes.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut out the image/face that you are using.

Then proceed to make two straight cuts in the middle of the chin and the middle of the huge quaff of hair.

This is also a reason why when using images for masks, it's good to use a full face.

Step 5: Bending

Overlap the cuts slightly, as pictured.

Tape or glue them in place.

This will give the face a little bit of shape, which is what we are wanting. No flat masks for us!

See pics below.

Step 6: Punch and String

Turn the mask over and punch holes through the ears to thread elastic through.

Get a stiff object (a piece of plastic cutlery is perfect) and tape it to the inside of the mask just above the eyes. This will keep the mask from wrapping around your face too much.

You can see the holes that were cut for the eyes as well here.

And thats it! Wear it around, have fun with it, go to protests, make fun of others (like your friends), or put on a play. Your imagination is your limit here folks.

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