How to Make a Match Rocket





Introduction: How to Make a Match Rocket

Match rockets are fun and easy to use it will take you under 1 min to make one here is how:

I can not be held responsible for any blown of hands etc

Step 1: What You Will Need

What you will need:

Aluminium foil
Wooden matches X2
Your brain

Ok lets start

Step 2: How to Build It

Get 2 matches and place them on a piece of foil that you cut out which is about as big as the match then put the matches facing inwards so that the heads are touching each other like the second diagram shows.

Step 3: How to Build It

the next step is to role up the matches with the heads facing each other, trying not to brake the foil, about half way after rolling it up push one match so that the other one is 3/4 way up like this.

Step 4: How to Launch It

To launch the match rocket you need to light the rocket where the match heads touch put the short end of the rocket in the side of the match box like shown then your done

Now watch my video to find out more.

Step 5:

This is how you light a match rocket



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    13 Discussions

    dude this is sick nasty, and i actually have everything to make it. 5*

    P.S. where i come from sick nasty means awesome for the people that think that isnt a complement.

    can i ad more tin foil

    hmmmmm... that was hard to work out (i'm not jokeing)

    hmmmmm... that was hard to work out (i'm not jokeing)

    i have made one of these and me and my friends fired it and it made me jump :)

     roll up with heads facing each other.          ^_^

    Try saying that.      It took me 10 minutes to figure out why mine wasn't working.

    Good ole' coles budget foil rockets. I would like to see you develope this already "done" project. It is one thing to provide details of a pre-existing project. It is a completley different thing to take a existing projects and develope it into your own work that will be remember as such. Please don't fall victim to being "over looked". I would suggest you modify this I'ble to include something like a triple rocket or a two stage system where-in there are two separate ignition chambers which will provide an extended flight. Either of those two ideas will make this I'ble stand out for some time... They are both very easy to do and I would be happy to help you. Then you could change your title to "Super Mega match rocket of death" Triple/double stage ignition. Your comments/views will go through the roof as it is a "new" idea of yours. Where in AU you from? I'm in Sydney.

    1 reply

    Gauh. I'm not sure I can do this, is half a brain enough? :)

    Did it actually fire in the vid? It looked as if just went "pop"