How to Make a Metal Grappling Hook Without Welding

Hello all you kids, ninjas ,superheroes or even adults that are young at heart or any body. have you ever wanted a grappling hook, But you don't have a lot money, credit card and or not really handy with a welder and want a fairly solid product ,then this is for you.

let's begin shall we

Step 1: What You Will Need

4 door latches like picture 1

2 nuts that fit on the threaded I-bolt like in picture 2

a machine threaded I-bolt that will fit inside the latch holes like in picture2

a bench vice helps a lot(to hold or bend the latch rods)

a hammer (to bend the latch rods)

a pair of pliers(or something to grab the parts with)

a hacksaw (to cut with)

Step 2: Cutting Off the Wood Screw in Port

your door latches will have a wood screw in type thing take your latches to the vice put them in and cut the threaded part off .

(NOTE) You may have to cut each top of threaded part twice to get the screw in bolt off.

Step 3: Taking the Latch Bend Out

now that you have the only the latch part ,take your pliers to grip the latch and hammer and flatten it to a strait line like the picture above

Step 4: Flattening the Top Loop

take your 4 straitened latch parts and one by one hammer on the top loop until it looks like something in the picture

Step 5: Making the New Hooks

take your 4 modified latches put them in the vice and make a 45 degree bend on them by hammering on the vice while making sure your loops are flat like in the picture you can make the hooking bend where ever you like, On all 4 though make sure you bend them, all at the same place

Step 6: Final Assembly

If you did everything correct it should be time to assemble everything

take your machine threaded I-bolt put the nut on enough so you can put the latch parts and another nut on top and tighten the 2 nuts together on the modded latch rods tightly and you should have the final product



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