How to Make a Tropical Slush

Introduction: How to Make a Tropical Slush

1. I use slushy magic- you can buy one at wal-mart, or cvs (any store near by)
2. First start off by freezing the cubes in the freezer. (this may take up to 1-2 hours)
3. Then once the cubes are frozen, place them in the cup/shaker.
4. Pour in your ingredients...
     For me, I made a tropical slush using...
             Orange Juice (5 ounces)
              7-up (5 ounces)
              Grenadine (pour a good amount in)
5. Once the ingredients are all in the cup, screw on the lid
6. Shake the cup while holding down the whole on the lid in a fast forward-back motion for 3-4 minutes until the ingredients turn to ice.
7. Occasionally lift your finger up from the whole to let out the carbonation of the soda and make sure it wont explode.
8. Pour the slushy into a cup and enjoy!

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    Mmmm yummy! I've been wanting to get one of those slushy cups, are they pretty nice?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing! This has made me thirsty! Have a splendorous day!