How to Make Ice Cream Cupcake With EVA Foam Recycled Glass Jars

If you want to make your own details or souvenirs to give to the guests of your wedding , communion , birthday , baptism or baby shower. This idea you'll love .

This video is a tutorial to make a drinking cup with a straw recycling a glass jardecorated in the form of ice cream or cupacake, using EVA or foam.

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Step 1: Step by Step Video

Materials you need:

- Glass jar- EVA foam

- Glue stick in glass

- Straws

- An area of porexpan the diameter of the jar lid

- Hammer and screw to the hole- Scissors

- Rule- Pencil

- Something you serve as cherry pie (I used an account of a necklace painted red nail lacquer )

- An iron- Markers or acrylic paint and clear nail lacquer (optional )

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