Introduction: Diy Cardboard Corner Furniture - Recycled Crafts - Handmade Furniture

This video is a tutorial in which I teach as a cardboard furniture is made.

This time it is a corner bookcase with doors , and am inspired by the blue cabinet Yuya , it is a precious vintage furniture.

The materials I used are :

- Dual channel cardboard

- Hot glue

- White wood glue

-Masking tape

- Wire of 2 mm to 0.5 mm shooters and to tie them to the door

- 2 glasses to the extent indicated in the video

- 3 tacos wooden 2.5cm thick

- 12 wooden pieces you screw fittings

- Hinges , washers and crabs to hold doors - sandpaper - Wood painting - Ruler, pencil, cutter , hot glue gun

Step 1: Parts Needed and Measures

These are the pieces you have to cut from a cardboard, if you have any doubt please wathe the video in the next step.

Step 2: Step by Step Video

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