How to Make Little Hand Cuffs Out of Crazy Loom Bands for Little Kids or a Double Bracelet

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Its actually really easy and im in a hurry so its sloppy sorry

Step 1:

All you'll need to do is make two bracelets. Dont make them rignt next to each other though, for future step.

Step 2:

Loom them, and all I can say now is to to the nedt step. lol

Step 3:

First put thetwo ends that arent hooked into the middle like in the first 2 pictures. then do the same thing on the other end.

Step 4:

take the S hook and connect the two ends with more bands. not the loose ends. then pull them off but only to where the loose ends are. then connect the loose ends to the S hook. Your done. just pull the two bracelets apart and there you go! little handcuffs for kids that love to play cop, or it can be a double bracelet. I know I didnt do thebest on this tutorial but im kind of in a hurry. plus im doing it on my tablet that doesnt know how to type the right thingz. bye sorry for sloppyness



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