How to Make What Nightmares Are Made of Costume




I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw "The Dark crystal"( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the blank face crutch walkers, it hit me, why don’t I combine them both. When I did a search on line it turns out there are others with the same idea (Thank you Garen and Mellissa for the info aka. Stilt Spirits). This creature I refer to as "what nightmares are made of" is 7 feet tall and primarily made of recycled foam. An old foam eggcrate mattress, duct tape (that has been spray painted black) coffee dyed cheese cloth and dollar store spooky cloth. I used old wooden crutches, I modified to make taller since they only go to 6.6ft. The most expensive thing was the dry wall stilts that I bought, which I found out is cheaper than making stilts from wood. My dream/nightmare has come true!

Material list:
  • Recycled foam at least 1in thick (I like foam with patterns on it more organic)
  • 2 or 3 packages of poly-fil tru-foam 27in x 72in x 1in
  • 1/2in to 1in Foam Eggcrate Mattress (Mine was recycled so it was to flat)
  • Duct tape
  • 2 or 3 cans black spray painted
  • 1 can of tan spray paint
  • 3 or 4 packages of cheese cloth (6 yd x 36in)
  • Coffee or Fabric Dye (I used grey RIT) to dye cheese cloth
  • Dollar store spooky cloth or any other torn type cloth (more ripped the better)
  • Brown or gray yarn
  • Small yarn sewing needle
  • Some button ends or something to tie off yarn
  • A bunch of Black tie wraps
  • Glue sticks
  • A pair of Wooden crutches (depending on your height, I used large)
  • A pair of stilts (I used spackle stilts)
  • wire
  • Blank theatrical mask
  • Card board or foam core to cut template out
  • permanent marker

Tools needed:
  • Glue gun
  • Sharp utility blade
  • Philips head screwdriver or something to poke holes with
  • Card board scraps to spread the hot glue

Costume by: Manbuddha
Music by: Kevin Macleod

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18 Discussions


3 years ago

How do u actually make it though I want to make it for a haunted house this year


5 years ago

Is the best costume ever! I do this and I will modify it !


5 years ago on Introduction

here it is

photo 32.jpg

5 years ago on Introduction

i did one. last nov. 2 2013 on our community and i won the 1st prize. worth it


6 years ago

I am gonna scare the heck out of the kids on my street next year:D


6 years ago on Introduction

you got a crazy mind..... I like it!!


7 years ago on Introduction

Those are called "stilt spirits" saw it on you tube and that's what they're called.


7 years ago on Introduction

This is great, I am gonna make this for Halloween this year. :D


7 years ago on Introduction

Freeking awesome! noe you gotta learn to run in it like the landstriders :D


7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for sharing ...... that is the best thing I have seen this year for Halloween with so many people just repeating stuff that is totally unique!!! thanks again.


7 years ago on Introduction

incredible. I think it would be scarier if the white mask was more like the rest of the costume, all grey and fringey and confusing. really good, especially the bizarre walking legs


7 years ago on Introduction

That's amazing. Thank you for sharing! Great instructables are this: just seeing what is possible makes me think about all the ways to tackle similar challenges, even experimentation with different materials in unconventional ways. Nicely done! Love the videos!


7 years ago on Introduction

Amazing! I love it! Totally awesome. thanks for sharing. Sunshiine