How to Makes Cats Go Crazy ?





Introduction: How to Makes Cats Go Crazy ?

There is a special material that makes Cats go crazy. They fell in love !
Watch and try it with your Kitty.



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    my cat goes crazy on olivebranches

    licks and chewes the leaves

    gets off on it

    Soory. My answer comes very late.
    Music is :Haydn Piano Sonata No. 31 in A-flat

    Hi Lucchina,
    thank you so much for posting this video. I bet they are best friends until the bowl comes out lol. My sweet cat Lucy, who has since passed, used to love rolling around in my swimmers and towel after I came home from the local pool. The chlorine used to send him off into lala land. I'll be sure to get a wooden bowl and infuse it with some olive oil for my cat Oscar who is 15 years old.

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    So..., I wonder, is this why cats like so much fried fish?
    (fish are fried in oil, right?)

    If we spilled even ONE drop of olive juice on the floor, our cat used to rub on it for hours! Like a dog rolling in some good smell. Nutty thing!

    Oh my good that's so funny, i loved, but my cats don't need anything, they are naturelly like that. Belive me.!

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    Sure, i believe you! You must have fun with yourcats,if they behave like that all the times ;-D

    yea, i enjoy a lot. they make me realy happy, with such  silly things that make me fell silly sometimes.

    I think this is the coolest cat video I have seen in a long time. My cat has a similar fetish for eggs. She purrs and licks them. Climbs all over to get to the egg in my hand. Another of my cats loves to fetch. She sees any ball and freaks out. And my third cat cannot take a bedspread on the bed. He has to move the spread away, anyhow. Cats are the coolest pets. Non-stop entertainment, even when they sleep 18 hours a day!

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    Thanks  for your compliment and for sharing your experience :-D It's always amazing to watch Animals...And funny too.

    that's funny... every cat I've ever had has tried to do that to my mouth if I've been eating olives. I wonder what it is about them (must be the entire plant) that cat's like so much? Based on the fact that my cat goes nuts if I just breath on him, I'm guessing it's a smell.

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