How to Repair a Laptop Without Picture?


Introduction: How to Repair a Laptop Without Picture?

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I have repaired a lot of laptops using this simple trick. The main problem with most laptops is their own heat dispassion. In time the heat sink will lose the ability to dispense the heat (mainly because the thermal compound drys out and loses the ability to transfer the heat or there is a lot of dust in the fan) . This causes a lot of problems, the laptop will overheat and shut down. Sometimes it will get so hot that the solder in the graphics control chip will melt. This causes the Black Screen Of Death. Basically this means that in the graphics chip there is a bad solder caused by heat and the laptop wont turn on(lights will come up but nothing happens). There is a chance that this bad solder can be fixed cheaply by using only a few screwdrivers and an oven. If the laptop does not work in any case you don't have anything to lose. The work can be done also with a heat gun. I have made an instructable about repairing an old desktop graphics card with this method.

Step 1: Disassembly

Disassemble the laptop. The problem is in the motherboard and it has to go to oven. So naturally you will have to take it off from the laptop. This is done simply by removing the screws from the bottom, under the keyboard and over the motherboard. Every laptop has got it's own way for this. So if yours is not the same laptop as the laptop in the picture, use Google to find a good disassembly pictures and start from there.

Remember to remove the battery first before starting and remember to ground your self so you wont do any static damage to the laptops motherboard.

After the motherboard is freed from the laptop case, remove the heat sink from it.

Step 2: Preparing the Motherboard Before Oven

After removing the heat sink. Clean everything properly from the old paste. Also clean the heat sink.

At this point put oven on and set it about to a 200'C. Do not use convection heating. Use just regular heating without the fan.

After cleaning remove the battery from the motherboard. It the battery is not removed it will explode in the oven and ruin the whole fix and possibly it will burn your house down.

Also if the processor is removable remove it too.

All the tape must be removed also. If there is yellow see through colored tape you do not have to remove it since it will withstand the heat from the oven.

Step 3: BURNNN

Now that the oven is heated to 200'C put the motherboard to the oven. Make sure it's in level so it won't slide anything off. Also make sure the motherboard is supported evenly so it won't bent.

Let the oven do its magic and after for about 10 minutes shut down the oven and open the hatch and let it cool for a good 30 minutes before touching the motherboard. This is because the solder needs time to cool properly and settle to it's own place. If the motherboard is moved while it's still hot it will brake and the fix won't work.

Step 4: Assembly and Testing

Apply a new thermal paste to the heat sink and assembly the whole laptop to a point where you can test it.


Wow. This works perfectly.

Amazing and cheap fix for any laptop in the world. If your laptop has got a removable graphics card this can be done too. Just without the motherboard. Put the graphics card only to oven.

Step 5: Finish the Assembly Properly

The tape you removed from the motherboard is not needed by any means. If you want you can put them back to their own place. I haven't done that in any case i have fixed these and not never i have needed them. And mind you i have fixed these for about 40 pieces and about 10 has been in condition that the fix won't work.

Inform me if you used this guide to fix your laptop :) Check out my other guide how to do this with a heat gun!



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    Hi There. Quick question. There are many plastic connections used on the motherboard. Wouldn't they melt in the oven? Thanks.

    1 reply

    Hi! At some point they will melt sure. But with this heat and time in the oven they wont melt. Minor color changes are possible but nothing serious.

    Hiiiii!!!!.... My laptop always shows the msg of HD not available , but sometime it works . can u plzz suggest me ,what to do

    2 replies

    Your hard drive might be in the end of its lifetime. Make a backup of your files while you still can. I suggest to invest on a SSD drive to replace the HDD.

    If you have any questions about how to just send me a private message.

    Your hard drive might be in the end of its lifetime. Make a backup of your files while you still can. I suggest to invest on a SSD drive to replace the HDD.

    If you have any questions about how to just send me a private message.

    Hi! I have a laptop with dual graphics. An Intel HD 4000 and an ATI HD Mobility 5470. Currently, the ATI card isn't working. If I use this method, is there a chance that I will damage the working Intel HD card? Thanks!

    2 replies

    Hi, If the graphics card is removable remove it from the motherboard and just heat up the card.

    If the card is integrated to MB there is always a chance to damage the board. If you are concerned you can put a aluminium foil over the board and cut a hole where the damaged chip is. This will protect the rest of the MB and center the heat on the chip you want to heat up.

    I think the chip is integrated on the board so I'll try using foil like you said. Thanks again! Your instructables are very informative!

    Hello , i have dell vostro 1540

    my processor has got some glue over it , something in grey color , but glue or gel like stuff on graphics card ,

    please tell me if thats wrong and also tell me is that the reason why my laptop has heat problem and also tell me if the heat is caused by my hard disk because i see the white LED light keeps on blinking

    Thanks in Advance :D

    1 reply

    Hi. The grey stuff on the CPU and GPU is old and mostly dried out thrmal paste. Just remove those with alcohol or nailpolish remover. Apply new paste and assemble the pc. An HDD is not overheating your pc. the led blinks constanly because the PC constanly uses the HDD. IF the led blinks more than usual, check the pc for viruses. Also run Ccleaner and and remove all junk files you have on it and clean your registry with the same software. If you need more info just ask!

    Used this method a few years back on a dell xps with removable graphics. Worked a treat and lasted another year or two.

    I also did this recently on a couple of Dell Latitude D630s...yeah I know...had to bake the whole mobo. They both worked for about 2 days then any extensive use lead to the same problem. This was a common problem with these though as the nvidia chip onboard wasn't cooled very well with the stock heatsink with the infamous blue foam pads so sold for parts.

    Anyway, good instructable for those that haven't heard of doing this before and I agree it will probably work on most laptop motherboards/graphics cards reliably - for at least a few extra years anyway.

    One more note though, this will void warranty (if any) so I would check to see if its still valid. If not, like it says, you have nothing to lose!

    specifically the dv series

    was this the problems they had with the recall? a long while ago?

    other than a dead battery or broken screen?