How to the IPhone Jacket




Introduction: How to the IPhone Jacket

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I made the iPhone Jacket.
Because it is the iPhone Jacket which is very simple made, I can easily make it!!

Step 1: Cut Leather Along a Template

I cut leather along a template.
When I cut the part of the curve, I cut to turn a template.
I can easily cut the one!!

Step 2: Prepare Two Pieces of Leather

I prepare the surface and leather for the back side.
These two pieces of leather is the same.

Step 3: Draw a Line

I mark a part to sew with a thread.

Step 4: Make Holes in the Leather

I hit the head of the fork with the use of wooden hammer and I make holes in the leather.

Step 5: Sew It With a Thread

I sew it with a thread. I use the thread which I pulled with solder.

Step 6: Sharpen the Corner

I sharpen the corner of the edge.
Finally I polish the edge.

Step 7: Completion!!


Step 8:

I shot the video of the these steps!!
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    I get leather in a shop called "and leather". There is this shop in the town called Nippori of Japan.

    great! is wondering where to find that in Japan!


    4 years ago

    great instructable! do you think it will be possible to make a case out of it rather than a holder?

    2 replies

    thanks! if you could post an instructable to help I would be greatful!

    Yay! Another leather working one...pretty straightforward and the finished product looks really slick. Thanks!

    1 reply