How to Trace a Drawing on a Cake

Introduction: How to Trace a Drawing on a Cake

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With this technic, you can trace any shape wou want on your cake (even if you are bad in drawing...).

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Step 1:

This is what I want to trace on my cake.

Put the sheet on a folded towel and punch lines with a wool needle (I didn’t say a knitting needle !…).
Keep main lines of the drawing.

Mark at most angles and intersections of lines.

Step 2:

I obtain a punched drawing.

Step 3:

After having rolled my marzipan (fondant, sugarpaste...), I put the sheet onto the cake and spread cocoa powder.
Don’t forget any hole and press a little with your finger.


Step 4:

You can see the drawing, poitillism way.

Step 5:

Fill your frosting pen with melted chocolate and draw onto the dotted lines.

If you are right-handed start with the upper left corner (the upper right corner if you are left-handed).

Step 6:

Not so bad !

This tuto shows you the error not to be made : use chocolate powder when you want to draw with a clear color (you can see every not covered dot…).

A better example : this dragon cake !

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea. I've used this technique on fabric, never thought of it for cake!