Hummer Flash Drive

Here you will learn how to make a Hummer H2 flash drive case.
Note:(I am not responsible for any damage or injuries to you or your tools/supplies. Make at your own risk!!!

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Step 1: Tools

These are the tools you will need. Note: metal cars will not work because they are too heavy.

Step 2: Cutting

Take the dremel and cut 2 slits on the top part of the window & the bottom part of the window. Then take the screw driver and wedge it between the slits and cut the side.

Step 3: Glueing.

take the hot glue gun, Yes I know I didn't add it in the tools,and glue the inside of the car without the flash drive inside it. Then stick the flash drive inside the car and glue the gaps shut.

Step 4: Final

If you followed my steps correctly, it should turn out like this.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    A hummer? waste of battery right there next time, go with a hybrid :P