Imperial Throne Phone Docking Station

Introduction: Imperial Throne Phone Docking Station

Guys as you can see i'm a huge contributor to this site.. I love sharing my work with you guys but is a alot work.. i have yet to win a contest so i would really appreciate if you vote for me.. I really think i can make some killer stuff with an ultimaker.. so please vote for me if you like my work.

Im a huge fan of this series.. i dont want to mention names or anything because i dont want another cease and desist order like the one i received from HBO when i made my version of the Iron Throne in Game of thrones. I certainly don't want to get sued or treatedned with legal action for making an instructable.

Anyways Here are some screen shots of my 3d models and various version of my Imperial Throne. Took me a long time to get a good working verion that not only fitted numerous phones but it also fit them with their cases.. even thelifeproof caseon the iphone 5.

As you can see this took me a lot of time and it took me even longer to slice the throne into pieces so it would fit my 5 inch by 5inch 3d printer. The Throne ended up being about 7 pieces that were later glued and fused together using Acetone melted ABS plastic paste.

just like i did with my blue meth throne

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Step 1: 3d Print and Fuse Together

My Printer also sucks really bad when it comes to layering.. it leaves these layering effect that makes the printed piece look bad and unfinished.. Also my printing area is too small when it comes to large prints like this.. So i decided to purchase a replicador 2 to avoid this layering effect and their larger print area. However, The printer had about 70% print failure as you can see in this album of failed 3d prints..

Also the support system is worse than the layering system in my printer.. So i figured i had a defective replicador 2 printer.. I asked for help from their costumer service department but it took them weeks to replied to my inquiries.. After numerous back and forth emails from their costumer service with no solution after a couple of weeks.. i decided to return the 3d printer to the microsoft store not because the 3d printer sucked.. but because the costumer service sucked even more.. So i certainly do not recommend the replicador 2 at all.

I'm not even going to mention the printer i have because i had my problems with it.. like the extruder keeps breaking.. my motherboard and CPU board fried after less than a year.. etc etc... So if you know of a good reliable printer please let me know.. even better vote for me so i can win this ultimaker :)

Anyways i printer two thrones.. a large one and a smaller one.. As you can see in the pictures..

Step 2: Priming, Sanding and Painting

Sandly the layering effect on the throne is noticeable in both prints.. if you are familiar with the original Imperial Throne it's glossy and shinny which none of these thrones are.. if you spray paint them the way they are you would still see the layering effect.

So i bought numerous primers.. and pretty much tried them all.. I finally found one that dryed quick.. it filled in the gaps.. and it was sandable dry and wet.. So i finally was able the glossy effect i was looking for.

Here is a video so you can see what i'm talking about

Step 3: Test, Make Changes and Repeat

here are the version i made in action

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! Are the STL files available anywhere? I'd like to print my own.