Improve a Bike Fender With Sugru



The Portland Design Works Origami bike fender is great, but I found that it would slide from side to side while I locked and unlocked my bike. It's nothing major, but it was annoying to hear my bike wheel rubbing on it in the morning. Sugru should be able to fix this.

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Step 1: Clean

First you have to clean the part of the fender that you want to apply Sugru to; I'm adding it to the top of the mounting bracket. I would have also roughed it up with some sandpaper, but it already was fairly scratched from being on my bike.

Step 2: Add Sugru

Add a few globs of Sugru and spread them out onto the mounting pad. It doesn't have to be too precise or pretty; no one will ever see it once its installed. I used more than I needed, but I had to finish off a 5g package and had run out of things to fix.

Step 3: Done

Clean the down tube of the bike and install the fender again. Let the Sugru dry before taking it out for a ride and the fender will never move again.

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