Install Mac OS X Sierra in PC

Introduction: Install Mac OS X Sierra in PC

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A video guide on installing Mac OS X Sierra in PC from start to finish.

Download the requisite files from links below.

Mac OS X Sierra Image:!78x1wJaI!L68_PZukXRZB32ziJJ5Ttw...

Post Installation Tools:!aogUhQLS!GMA781tSOiQPvgO4-c5UbJ...

Link for FakePCIID:

Step 1: Creating a Mac OS X Bootable USB

Step 2: Changing Clover Configuration and Installation of Mac OS X

Step 3: Post Installation Configuration of Mac OS X Sierra



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    2 Discussions

    I wish I could try this to my old laptop but the problem is, the post installation link is empty. Can you please give share the post installation tools? thanks.

    I wish I could make it... but something is missing.

    mega error.PNG