Install Sandboxie Under Windows 10

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I used Sandboxie from the times of Windows XP and i liked it very much. If you haven't heard of it i will tell you on the short, it is a sandbox, a place where you can run programs that you don't trust and they cant affect the PC, it's like a virtual machine but only for programs. The main goal is to run your browser in a sandbox, that way attacks that try to drop malware on your PC, will drop it in a safe environment, from where they cant affect your PC.

The problem:

Version 4 works good under Windows 7, perhaps 8.1 too, but wont work under Windows 10.

The solution:

The beta version of Sandboxie 5.01.7 that you can get it from here:

Alternate Download links :

• From here

• Combined installer (32/64 bit)

• Installer 32bit

• Installer 64bit

Install it as Administrator and then restart.


White Hat answer : The license key from 4.x version works with version 5.x too.

Black Hat answer : What White Hat says is true, that means that any seek 'n destroy patch for version 4 works with version 5 too. (*ehem* seek some file called Sandboxie_Universal_Cracks_Only_(32_and_64).rar size 853KB).

Now seriously, if you can afford to pay for it, pay for it, it is worth, if not there is the Black Hat answer or ... use a visualization software like Oracle's VirtualBox (its free), drop in a Windows XP and you are even safer that with Sandboxie (yes, if you are a excellent programmer you can make your way out of Sandboxie, lucky most of the malware creators are lazy or just script kids but there are the ex-employers of Edward Snowden aka NSA too, thats why you will need VirtualBox and outher stuff if you wanna dodge them ...).

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