Intro to Decoupage (TechShop Style)

Introduction: Intro to Decoupage (TechShop Style)

Decoupage is an art of decorating an object with paper cutouts. More precisely, decoupage is the magic of painting or inlaying with all kinds of papers!

The source of this magic is the sealing process of glued paper through applying multiple coats of varnishes or custom decoupage finish.

Nevertheless, it is a challenge to produce a slick piece of decoupage work because bubbles and wrinkles are easy to appear and hard to remove.

This instructable is thus intended to offer an introduction to decoupage with the full leverage of various tools available at TechShop. I love my decoupage work especially because I made it at TechShop (! Enjoy!

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Step 1: Tools and Mats

A. Stanley 10-401 Exact line knife (trim edges)
B. Steadtler mars T-square
C. 2" Paintbrush
D. Plastic transparent paper
E. Swingline Smartcut Trimmer
F. Squeegee
G. Intertek Heat Gun
H. Decoupage paper

Step 2: Cut Transparent Paper

Cut off a piece of transparent paper with the exact line knife. Transparent paper can insulate the object from glue. And it is easy to peel off the transparent paper without leaving any traces on the object in case you need redo the decoupage.

Step 3: Cover the Object With Transparent Paper

Carefully apply a layer of transparent paper onto the surfaces of your art object.

Then use squeegee to remove bubbles and eliminate wrinkles.

It is imperative to get rid of all bubbles and wrinkles of the transparent paper.

Step 4: Use Trimmer to Cut Decoupage Paper

It is best to use trimmer to cut decoupage paper into shapes most suitable for the object surface.

Step 5: Apply Glue to the Decoupage Paper

Use paintbrush to apply Mod Podge evenly onto the interior side of decoupage paper.

Caveat: Apply Mod Podge ONLY to the decoupage paper! Don't apply to the surface of the art object or the transparent paper. The importance of this step for a bubble- and wrinkle-free decoupage work can't be emphasized enough.

Step 6: Stick Decoupage Paper to Object Surface

Carefully spread the decoupage paper over the surface of art object. Use squeegee properly to ensure that the decoupage paper is smooth and have no wrinkles.

Step 7: Apply Mod Podge to the Decoupage Paper

Apply sufficient amount of Mod Podge to the exterior surface of decoupage paper. Mod Podge is the magic ingredient that will give out the painting or inlay effect of decoupage.

Step 8: Use Heat Gun to Dry Mod Podge

Set heat gun to 450 Fahrenheit degrees. Hold the heat gun and point downwards to the decoupage paper with Mod Podge on it. Draw small circle to dry the Mod Podge over small areas.

Step 9: Use Knife to Trim Edges

When the Mod Podge dries up, use knife to trim edges.

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