IoT Push Notification Using Nodemcu on Phone(For Anything)




Introduction: IoT Push Notification Using Nodemcu on Phone(For Anything)

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Sending notification for messages, emails are old fashioned...

So lets make something new that is very easy and simpleNO COMPLICATED SERVER SIDE PHP HOSTING OR OTHER COMPLICATION...

Home automation, water pump level, garden watering, automated pet feeding, PIR alarm and much more whatever you want to get notified on your phones.(android/iOS)

ENJOY and be lazy but get notified!!!!!

Step 1: Components Required

the main component is Nodemcu(ESP8266) or any other equivalent development boards like adafruit huzzah, wemos d1 mini etc.

And the sensors to use depends upon your need...

I'm using the notifier to notify my previously made internet/cloud controlled project, PIR alarm circuit, ultrasonic sensor controlled water level, IR sensor door!!

After the configuration of sensors the vital thing left is programming.

To configure nodemcu in arduino please visit my previous instructables...

NOTE: Please read the whole instructable don't half read it and damage your kits, I will not be responsible :P

Step 2: ESP_Notify and Library

We can find the ESP notify application on google play store or we can get the apk from anywhere esle.

After installing the app we need to

  1. SIGN IN(using google account)
  2. press the SEND TOKENs option
  3. use your email
  4. in email you will get the USER ID, DEVICE ID and Library zip URL
  5. download the zip from the link

Once the library is downloaded you can add it to your Arduino IDE by

  1. clicking on Sketch
  2. Include Library
  3. Add .ZIP Library in the IDE and then selecting the downloaded file from your Download folder.

Step 3: CODING

To know something about the library go for the examples in arduino:

  1. File
  2. Examples
  3. ESP_Notify
  4. send_notification.

To make it work just do change 3 things your WiFi SSID (name), WiFi password and Device_Id.

Device_Id you can get from the email forwarded previous by SEND TOKENS.

So after testing the code we can now tweak it for our use like previously told...

Home automation, PIR alarm, water level alrm, IR door sensor notification


Step 4: Circuit Wise Program

I have used PIR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor for different works as well as in cloud controlled project I have inserted the library and used the "notifier.sendNotification(device_id,"header","message")" in desired places to get notified on my phone on actions.

According to my code I have used pin D0,D1 for Ultrasonic sensor, D2 for PIR, and D3 for IR sensor.

So download the above given code and modify it like you want.

Step 5: ESP Notify App

From the app we are getting the desired notification and its the simplest app I have found for notification with ESP8266. It's not the best but the simplest.

Pros- very easy, simple, reliable

Cons- couldn't find if parameters can be passed till now, may be added afterwards..

Thanks for the application and the easy to use procedure without going in a hectic process of app, event, php on server creation.

So enjoy and support...



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    20 Discussions

    Thanks for early reply. Sir how can receive same alert message from the same ESP to multiple mobile nos with same token.Is it possible?

    Thanks Sir, really very good and easy project.But why"invalid library found"was showing after compiling the code,although it is working fine. Can it work at my office?if ESP is at home.

    1 reply

    yes definitely it can work in your office just need a wifi over there. same procedure. If we manually put the library it sometime shows invalid library but can be fixed if we put the files in document>arduino>library as well as program files>arduino>library. I hope it works. Thanks for checking out the project.

    I'm only able to use guest WiFi so there is no password. Would it work if I just deleted the code asking for the WiFi password?

    1 more answer

    Try it. If deleting it doesnt work do one thing keep quotes as it is with nothing between tge quotes. simply "". no spaces in that. notify me if it works. I never thought of a open wifi!!

    Good project but app tell me my email address is not usable.

    1 reply

    Sorry but I don't have a clue for that discrepancy of the app. This doesn't happen usually try another gmail account!! that may help :)

    I found the app easily, as normal app

    very pleased to know that... please notify me if you tried this project!! :)

    One question. The Ultrasonic (HC-SR04) has 5V logic on the Trig and or Sensor output. The NodeMCU has a 3V3 logic on the input. Official the NodeMCU is not 5V (input) tolerant. You don't have any trouble? I did a project with NodeMCU and Ultrasonic and I us some resistors the level shift 5V to 3V3. I guess for long term operation it is better.

    1 reply

    I have my cloud controlled nodemcu project installed in my house for more than 2months. And the nodemcu may it be wemos/lolin/amica any model has a logic output of 3V3 but the max input voltage through micro usb or Vin pin can be 12V (max) but not recommended as it doesn't have heat sink with tiny voltage regulator. my power bank used in the project with ultrasonic sensor has output voltage of max 5.1V so no problem with nodemcu as its voltage regulator generate almost no heat. Same power bank but with 2 parallel output was used to power ultrasonic sensor and nodemcu, echo n trig pin can be handled with 3V3 logic. actually air acts the coolant of that negligible heat in nodemcu for 5V. So no problem :)


    9 months ago

    awesome project...will it really work if I only include the library and use the function? i need to try this. thanks


    you can get it on google play store, just search for ESPnotify. ok if you dont you can get it from here ""