Outdoor Food Dehydrator-Jack Daniels Independence Project

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Boumeester.  I am 40 years old (12/28/1971) and I have a dream of being able to make my homemade Jack Daniels beef jerky out of my outdoor solar food dehydrator design which is my submission for the independence project.  I have been dreaming of this project for several years now and have finally started on my prototype which is almost complete.  I worked as a carpenter in my younger days so I am pretty good at working with wood, however, eventually I would like to take my project to the next level and have it produced out of all metal just like the smokers and grills sitting on your decks and patios are made of.  If I were lucky enough to win this contest I would use the money to help re-engineer my project for metal and to have it specifically designed for commercial production.  My ultimate goal would be to be able to start my own company building and selling these solar food dehydrator designs so everyone would have the opportunity to make their very own Jack Daniels Beef jerky...outdoors...right at home!  Thank you!



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