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Intro: Jelly-Shots!

I will here show you how to make Jelly-Shots!
I kow that there are a bunch of other 'ibles on this subject, but they use the powder based Jelly, and I used the already jelly-ish Jelly.

Step 1: Materials and Tools!

Materials Used:
One 135g package of strawberry Jelly. The ones I found in a cupboard in my kitchen had a best before date of february 2007, but they seemed to be usable anyway.
A bottle of Vodka

Tools Needed:
Measuring Jug
Shot Glasses
A Pot

Step 2: Lets Get Cooking...

Follow the instructions on the package to dissolve the Jelly:

Place the Jelly cubes in the measuring jug.
Add boiling water up to 285 ml (1/2 pt). Since my jug is marked with even hundreds of mililiters i had to guess what was aproximately 285 ml.
Stir until the cubes are completly dissolved.
Do _not_ make up to 570 ml (1pt) with cold water.
Instead, make up to 400 ml and then add cold vodka until you are at the 570 mark.
Again, I had to make an aproximate guess.
Stir well.

Step 3: This Is the Pouring Part...

Pour everything in your shot glasses, and when you run out of those you can use plastic beer cups or any other container.
Put everything in the fridge and wait for a couple of hours for it to set.

Step 4: The Only Step With No Pictures -_-

It turned out semi-good.
They did not keep their form after leaving the container, and they tasted rather strongly of the alcohol, but they were definetely edible.



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