Jewelry From Your Favorite Video Game Heroes




Create jewelry from fuse beads

Step 1: Get Fuse Beads

Buy a set of fuse beads (e.g. HAMA Beads, Perler Beads, Pony Beads) and a pegboard.

Step 2: Get Yourself an Iron

Step 3: Download a Sprite

  • Download an image of your favorite video game hero.
  • Just Google for the term “sprites” combined with the name of the hero.

Step 4: Print Out

  • Choose one of the sprite graphics and resize it using any image editing software.
  • One pixel should be as big as the space between two pins of the pegboard.
  • Print out the graphic on standard paper.

Step 5: Optional: Cut Holes Into the Paper

Cut holes into the paper, so that you can place it directly on the pegboard

Step 6: Use the Beads

Put the beads on the pegboard, using the printout as a template.

Step 7: Use the Iron

  • Put a piece of ironing paper (or kitchen parchment) on the beads.
  • Apply the iron to the paper, never directly to the beads. (See the instructions coming with the beads for details)
  • Allow the beads and paper to cool.

Step 8: Finish It

Use a small ring to attach a chain to your product.

Step 9: More Options

You can also use your favorite social media icon instead of a videogame hero

Step 10: Bonus Tip

If you want to ease your work, sort the beads by color into boxes beforehand



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    i am not sure what was used, but if you get a clear peg board instead of a solid colored one you can just lay it underneath and bead from there. No need for the holes.