this is how you make beautiful homemade jewlery that people will be dying to know were u got it!!

Step 1: Creating Your Own Jewlery That U Will Love!!

Creating inexpensive jewelry items is possible with leftover beads and cording scraps from previous projects. Inexpensive ring designs are created with beading concepts and materials, such as elastic cords. A focal point bead is positioned at the center of the beaded strand, allowing it to fit better on the finger while adding an ornamental touch. The finger's circumference is used as the length of the cord. By incorporating a connector bead and bonding cement, the two ends are closed to create a ring shape.

Step 2: This Is the Materials U Will Need

Flexible tape measure Elastic cord Scissors Beads Bead board Bonding cement Connector bead

Step 3: Messuring

Measure your finger with a flexible tape measure to determine the length of your elastic cord by positioning the tape around your finger. You will most likely have a 2 1/2- to 2 3/4-inch length.

Step 4: Cuting

Cut a piece of elastic cord 1/8 inch less than the length from Step 1 with your scissors. This will keep the ring snug on your finger.

Step 5: Positioning

Position your bead pattern according to the length on your bead board using the built-in ruler grid guide. Use small beads, such as glass pearls or seed beads. As an option, choose a novelty bead as the ring's center piece like a dangling glass, heart or leaf. Before threading, make sure the size of the bead 's looping hole width correlates with the size of the elastic cord.

Step 6: Stringing

String your bead pattern onto the cord. If you have chosen a center piece for the ring, make sure it is placed at the center of the stringed beads. This will ensure the novelty piece sits on top of your finger as the ring's focal point.

Step 7: Inserting

Dab bonding cement onto one end of the elastic cord and insert it into a connector bead.

Step 8:

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