Key Chain

Introduction: Key Chain

Find a image from the internet that you would like to make into a key chain.

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Step 1:

Add the image to inventor. Add the image by clicking on the image button in inventor in the insert tab. Trace over it with spline interpolation. Make sure to put a hole in it to fit the key chain.

Step 2:

Create an .idw by clicking on the I in the top lift corner and clicking save as. Click on the drop down menu and save it as an .idw. Make all of the cut lines red and all of the engraving lines blue. Do this by right clicking on the lines and clicking on properties. After you click on properties there is a box that you click on that lets you change the color.

Step 3:

Next put the red and blue .idw file on a flash drive. Plug the flash drive into the computer that is connected to the laser and edit the speed for the engraving lines. Make sure you have the fan on so that you do not start a fire. After you do this, you have to zero the part and then start the laser.

Step 4:

Once your key chain is all cut out all you do is out the key chain ring in the hole, that you created on inventor, and it will be a functional key chain.

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    3 years ago

    This is a great idea! Have you been able to cut one yourself?