King Kong Mask With Animatronic Eyes



This instructable shows how to make a mask with realistic moving eyes.

This project requires the following skills that are not covered in details:
- Arduino setup, programming and sketches uploading

- Soldering

- 3D printing


Here is a list of supplies:
- King Kong or similar mask from toys shop

- Power supply (5V, power bank)

- Stand for the mask

Components for Animatronic Eyes:

- Arduino nano

- PCA9685

- 8x 3.7g servos

- Garden metal wire (~0.6 mm) or similar for rods

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Step 1: Demo Clip

King Kong mask in action.

Step 2: Animatronic Eyes

Animatronic eyes consists of 3D printed parts, electronics and servo motors.

The STL files for 3D printing located here:

The Arduino demo sketch:

The animatronic eyes is the most difficult component here, so I recommend to start with the left eye first, and then add another one.

Here the link for the left eye:

Please write in comment if you need more detailed instruction how to setup it.

Step 3: Stand for Mask and Eyes

As a stand you can use lego constructor.
For my stand I used the Lego style constructor from here:

Step 4: Assembly

Upload the sketch and check that eyes are moving according to your intention.
Depends on scenario, you can program different moving patterns. For example, for the demo clip I programmed several eyes moving patterns that I run one by one.

Then attach the mask to the stand using rubber bands. As an alternative, you can use threads (as I did) or just glue it using hot glue gun.

Attach the power supply and make the final check.

Congratulations!!! You did it!!!
Now it's time to surprise your friends.

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