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Introduction: Kit Kat Cake

My 4yo daughter picked out a cake that she saw online. She said "That one mommy! I love it!" Not wanting to disappoint her I thought "Hey, why not give it a try?". I got the inspiration for her Kit Kat Cake at Michelle's Tasty Creations Blog. It seemed pretty straight forward and easy enough to do.

Items needed to make this cake:
Non-Food Items:
2 -9in round cake pans
Hand Mixer
Butter Knife
Cooling racks (if you don't have racks, you can use a cookie sheet or cutting board)
Cardboard and aluminum foil to make cake board.
Scissors or box cutter
Ribbon (I used wired, It was easier to wrap around and also easy to fluff out the bow)

Food Items:
4 -XL Bars of Kit Kats, Vegetable Oil
1-Large sized bag of M&M's, Water
Butter, Vanilla Pudding Mix (small package)
Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Eggs, Sour Cream, White Cake Mix, Fresh Strawberries, Granulated Sugar

I used the same durable cake recipe as before found at Cake Central. I doubled the recipe.

I used two 9in round cake pans to bake the cake. This made it possible to bake both cakes at the same time and cut down on prep time. I cooled the cakes for 10 minutes in the pans. I gently loosened the sides and flipped them over onto the racks. I left them to completely cool before I started decorating.

Instead of buying a cake board, I used my cake pans to trace a circle on piece of cardboard and cut it out with a box cutter. (Scissors work fine too). I made the circle about 2 inches wider around than the cake pan to leave decorating/carrying room. I then covered the cutout with aluminum foil. I secured the foil with tape on the back of the cutout.

I used the same Classic Vanilla Buttercream recipe (doubled) found at Savory Sweet Life Website.

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Step 1: Step One:

I cut the tops off of the round cakes to make them more even. I put a small amount of frosting on the cake board to glue the bottom tier in place. I then used frosting on the cut tops to secure them together and added a fresh strawberry filling. I placed the two tiers together with the cut sides facing each other.

Strawberry Filling recipe:
1lb fresh strawberries cut into 1/4 in pieces
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together. Put in fridge for 30 minutes to let the juices of the strawberries come out. When you place it in the cake drain some of the liquid off, so you don't make the cake too soggy.

Step 2: Frosting the Cake

I frosted the sides pretty evenly using the buttercream frosting. It doesn't have to be too smooth because you will be covering it all up anyway.

I added photos of the cake board to give you a visual. :)

Step 3: Placing the Kit Kat Sides

I then started assembling the Kit Kats around the sides of the cake. I kept them in attached rows of four, which gave my cake more of a hexagon shape. If you would like it more round, break them into rows of two or singles. That will give your cake a more rounded look too it. I pressed the Kit Kats gently into the sides of the cakes making sure they stuck to the frosting.

Step 4: M&M Top

I used a large bag of M&M's for the top of the cake. At first I was going to line them up in rows by color, but changed my mind and just layed them on the top of the cake. I gently press down on the M&M's to make sure they stuck to the top. You can use any topping you would like, sprinkles,skittles,gum drops, chocolate chips, etc. I also wiped the excess frosting off the cake board using a clean kitchen towel.

Step 5: Ribbon

I cut out a nice length of wired ribbon to wrap around the cake. I made sure to gently tighten the ribbon and tie it into a nice bow. I also fluffed out the bow after I tied it. This served two purposes. 1. To help hold the Kit Kats in place. 2. It looks pretty.
That's it. All done. This was a fairly simple cake to make. My daughter loved it! Happy Decorating!

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    6 years ago

    This looks so yummy may not be very healthy but everyone needs some sugar. Keep making cakes this is amazing!!

    nic nak
    nic nak

    6 years ago

    Two words, Nestlé boycott!


    6 years ago

    diabetes? pfftt. looks delicious. not everone needs to worry about what they eat. hanging to give this a shot xD


    6 years ago

    One word: diabetes