Knitting Loom Friendship Bracelet

Introduction: Knitting Loom Friendship Bracelet

Here is easy cute bracelet you can make!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need a knitting loom like the one shown in the picture (we will be using the side with five pegs). You will also need four skeins of embroidery thread, a measuring tape, scissors, a needle, the knitting hook, and a crochet needle. You can also use beads or other embellishment when you are finished.

Step 2: Place Thread on Bracelet

Grab your four threads and hold them as one. Make a knot as shown in the picture, and place it on one of the pegs. Put the short end inside the hole of the loom

NOTE: Be sure to measure your wrist. For every inch you will knit six rows. Or you can remember that your loom is three inches, so the bracelet would turn out to be six inches. The bracelet will double in size.

Step 3: Start Wrapping the Loom

Now take the string and start by wrapping in on the inside on the peg to the right and going out wards. Continue this motion until you have wrapped each peg once. Now wrap the pegs again, but this time only go around the outside, making a large circle.

Step 4: Hook the Loops

Start by taking the working end straight across the loom and holding it secure with your fingers. This will keep the sting tight.

Now take your hook and start pulling the bottom loop over the top one, starting with the peg that was last wrapped. Once you loop your first peg you can move the working string off to the side.

Do the same for the peg to the right, and so on.

Step 5: Repeat

Continue the same process of wrapping the outside of your pegs and pulling the bottom loops off of them

Step 6: Take Your Bracelet Off the Loom

When you reach the desired length of your bracelet, cut the threads leaving about 5 inches.

Insert the crochet hook in the loop on the peg you just finished. You will want to pull the end of the string all the way through the loop. Now you can take that loop off the peg. Do the same to the rest of the loops.

Once you have all the loops in the string, pull the bracelet out of the loop. It will look bunched up, so pull the two ends of the bracelet to lengthen it.

Step 7: Finish It Up!

One end of the bracelet will be very wide and loose. Fix this by taking about a 12 inch thread and sewing the opening shut.

You can finish the bracelet by leaving it as is or by adding a chain and beads!

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