Introduction: LAYER

About: Joseph Henry Kennedy Jr. is a designer from Santa Cruz, California.

Layer is a generative process for creating circular compositions out of paper. Within a set of parameters, randomized user inputs can be made into a large series of related patterns. Using just printer paper, an x-acto blade and a pencil, each cut made in the process is recorded as part of the finished piece.

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Step 1: The Process

3 sets of five A4 sheets of paper have been folded in half and taped together into a ten page book. Stack the pages so that form a flat zig zag on top of one another.

Draw a one-centimeter border is on all 4 edges of the front page. Add two lines connecting the opposite corners of the front page. The intersection of these two lines is the middle of the page. Randomly place 5 points and number them according to the order in which they are drawn. Draw 5 lines between points 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and 5-1. From point 1, draw an arc clockwise using the middle of the page as its center point, terminating in the first line it meets past two centimeters. Cut out the shape whose area is comprised by the edges of the lines immediately inside of the arc. Fold the bottom page of the book to the side. Repeat the process for points 2 through 5, the bottom page being removed after each iteration.

The shape at point 1 is expanded to fill the entire area inside the arc between the two lines that share its corners. If the intersection of those two lines occurs outside of the boundaries of the paper, the shape is cropped by the border. If the area between the lines are already filled, nothing is cut out and the bottom page of the book is folded to the side. Repeat the process is for points 2 through 5, the bottom page being removed after each iteration.

Step 2: Overlapping - 1

These booklets can be combined to overlap with one another.

Step 3: Overlapping - 2

Step 4: Overlapping - 3

Step 5: Overlapping - 4

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